With school budgets a constant concern, and an entire community to please, we know how challenging it can be for school administrators like you to feel like you’re making the wisest investments decisions on behalf of the school system. As you think about your program management decisions and also potential revenue opportunities, weighing options between keeping open space vs. more contained and specialized facilities are top of mind. What’s going to get the highest level of utilization? What will the community really get behind and support? And, what kind of return on investment can you expect from new sporting venues?

Urban Soccer Park is an ideal solution for schools looking to add a unique and defining element to their facilities. Our soccer park is an extraordinary sporting experience for your student body, their families and friends, and spectators who are drawn to the excitement of the game. USP requires very little space, yet supports a high number of individuals and presents a high-efficiency option to other sporting venues. And, when partnered with leagues and event organizers, it’s a magnet for local businesses, positive community interaction and public relations, and a revenue stream that will more than justify the capital requirements and low maintenance.

96% of time Soccer Field is used at Recess for Soccer
78% of time Soccer Field is used for Soccer for after school programs

*E.R. Taylor Elementary – America Scores – “Field of Dreams,” program – San Francisco

  • Promotes a highly interactive, safe environment to compete & have fun
  • Get maximum leverage & utilization out of small real estate
  • Garner high levels of community support, & outstanding PR
  • Create potentially new revenue streams through business partnerships & leagues
  • Foster better health & well-being, & sustained value creation for the community

San Francisco Soccer Mini Pitch

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