The residents in your community want a centerpiece for gathering, entertainment, social activity, sport, competition and fun. You want to give them everything they want, but have found it hard to find a solution that both meets their needs and also satisfies your criteria for smart investment and efficient development. Space is limited, real estate is expensive, and you don’t want another set of underutilized tennis courts taking up space that underwhelm and under-deliver on community expectations.

Urban Soccer Park is a purpose-built solution for parks and rec leaders looking to develop a multi-use space that attracts residents of all ages and skill levels. USP fundamentally drives community involvement because of how exciting and inclusive the experience can be. And, it’s a strategically wise investment because of how efficiently it utilizes existing real estate, and the high levels of participation it yields.

89% more use than Tennis Court in same Park
67% more use than Basketball Court in same Park

*Margret S. Hayward – Street Soccer USA Court Program – San Francisco

  • Provides maximum utilization of limited real estate
  • Fosters incredible level of community interaction
  • Garners high levels of neighborhood support
  • Creates new revenue opportunities through leagues & local business involvement
  • Ideal setting for community fundraising events & soccer tournaments

Rec and Park Soccer Field

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