What kind of synthetic grass do you offer?

We use a recyclable Turf from Germany with Clean Infill, it is specially designed for our product and needs little-to-no maintenance.

I would like to know about your prices for a Court?

Our 55’ x 80’ (4,400sf) courts with Turf, Installed starts at around $110,000, depending on if you pick lights, side nets or side fencing. The Court will accommodate 4v4 Street Soccer, a 5v5 Futsal Style Game & 6v6 Youth Games.

What is included in the installation?

Everything you need to play with or without lights & with or without turf.

How long will it take you to built it?

One Court will take about 3 days to build. Or with lots of help, one day. See the video of our Philadelphia install.

Why do we have walls?

We include walls because in a soccer game without them, 34% of the time, the ball is out of bounds.  Therefore, you get to play 34% more.

Why Small Sided Soccer?

The skills developed in Small Sided Soccer (or Street Soccer) are what makes the rest of the soccer world great. While we, in the US, seem to think bigger is better, that is simply not true for developing players.  Messi, Neymar, Pele, Ronaldinho, Maradona will all tell you they got their magic in small sided games in their neighborhoods.

“Over the years, we (the U.S.) have relied on athleticism and fitness. But times are changing, and we can’t rely on that any more. In small-sided games, you can’t take plays off.” – Carli Lloyd, U.S. Olympic Soccer Player

Where can these courts go?

We install indoors, outdoors and on roofs. In California we find outdoor installs are the most popular.

What surfaces can you install on?

Any hard flat surface.  Asphalt, concrete and indoors on wood.  Old Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts and Parking Lots are perfect. Dirt, with some site work, is a great option as well.


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